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Latest Albums
Adele > 21 Album front cover.
by Adele
Fleet Foxes > Helplessness Blues Album front cover.
Helplessness Blues
by Fleet Foxes
Poly Styrene > Generation Indigo Album front cover.
Generation Indigo
by Poly Styrene
Leona Lewis > Echo Album front cover.
by Leona Lewis
Unheilig > Grosse Freiheit Album front cover.
Grosse Freiheit
by Unheilig
Lyrics Born > Same !@#$ Different Day Album front cover.
Same !@#$ Different Day
by Lyrics Born
Kid Sister > Ultraviolet Album front cover.
by Kid Sister
Usher > Raymond v. Raymond Album front cover.
Raymond v. Raymond
by Usher
Susan Boyle > I Dreamed A Dream Album front cover.
I Dreamed A Dream
by Susan Boyle
Jessie J > Who You Are Album front cover.
Who You Are
by Jessie J
Rihanna > Rated R Album front cover.
Rated R
by Rihanna
Milow > North And South Album front cover.
North And South
by Milow
Weak13 > Live Ammo Album front cover.
Live Ammo
by Weak13
Sunrise Avenue > Out Of Style Album front cover.
Out Of Style
by Sunrise Avenue

Latest Lyrics
- Bartender, by Lady Antebellum - Nutt Bagg, by Brotha Lynch Hung
- Lesní Hotel Orion, by Necrocock - Let It Go, by Elsa
- Una Vaina Loca, by Fuego - Burnin' Gasoline, by Brian Burns
- I'll Think Of You, by Kurt Hugo Schneider - Baby (Acoustic), by Justin Bieber
- No Flex Zone, by Rae Sremmurd - Faking A War, by Triddana
- Waali, by Omer Inayat - Cover Your Eyes, by The Shoes
- My Body, by Volbeat - Cris Chana, by Wagon Christ
- The Legacy, by Black Veil Brides - All I Wanna Do, by Sheryl Crow
- Fast Lane, by Bad Meets Evil [Eminem & Royce Da 5'9"] - Since U Been Gone, by Kelly Clarkson
- Breaking Your Own Heart, by Kelly Clarkson - Rock 'n' Roll Music, by Motorhead
- The One Who Saves, by Hillsong - Horseshoes And B-52's, by OSI
- I We Jason, by Jason Thugs-M-Futurama - Du Hast (English Translation), by Rammstein
- Video Games, by Lana Del Ray - Carolina, by Kimbra
- Wu Crime, by Raekwon - Cover Your Eyes, by Jamey Johnson
- Let Love, by Lee Roessler - Wait, by The Pineapple Thief
- Meteoriitide Sajus, by Pilvelohkujad - Porn Star Dancing, by My Darkest Days
- Thug Thug, by Jason Thugs-M-Futurama - Wrong End Of The Rainbow, by Don Williams
- Young At Heart, by Amy Meredith - Game Don't Wait, by Guce
- We Came, by Adelitas Way - Best Beers Of Our Lives, by Chase Rice
- Touch My Body, by Sistar - Go Tell It On The Mountain, by Odetta
- Forever Reign, by Hillsong - What You Won't Do For Love, by Roy Ayers
- Burn In Me, by Jenny Phillips - Drunk On A Plane, by Dierks Bentley
- Arms The Hold The Universe, by 33miles - Edge Of A Revolution, by Nickelback
- No Pares De Bailar, by Lasso - Break Free (Feat. Zedd), by Ariana Grande
- Come Around, by Tribal Seeds - Break The Line, by Guano Apes
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