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Latest Albums
Patricia Kaas > 19 Album front cover.
by Patricia Kaas
Kelly Price > Kelly Album front cover.
by Kelly Price
Weak13 > Live Ammo Album front cover.
Live Ammo
by Weak13
Adele > 21 Album front cover.
by Adele
Rihanna > Rated R Album front cover.
Rated R
by Rihanna
Roxette > Charm School Album front cover.
Charm School
by Roxette
Guano Apes > Bel Air Album front cover.
Bel Air
by Guano Apes
Fleet Foxes > Helplessness Blues Album front cover.
Helplessness Blues
by Fleet Foxes
Sixx: A.M. > This Is Gonna Hurt Album front cover.
This Is Gonna Hurt
by Sixx: A.M.
Susan Boyle > I Dreamed A Dream Album front cover.
I Dreamed A Dream
by Susan Boyle
Kid Sister > Ultraviolet Album front cover.
by Kid Sister
Lyrics Born > Same !@#$ Different Day Album front cover.
Same !@#$ Different Day
by Lyrics Born
Jessie J > Who You Are Album front cover.
Who You Are
by Jessie J
Usher > Raymond v. Raymond Album front cover.
Raymond v. Raymond
by Usher

Latest Lyrics
- Don't Be A Playa Haiti, by Rucka Rucka Ali - Like A Funky Machine, by Werley Nortreus
- He About To Lose, by Britney Spears - Eiserner Steg, by Philipp Poisel
- Rodeo Clowns, by Jack Johnson - Don't Change, by Helena Micy
- Cut It Out, by Chip Tha Ripper - Since I've Been Loving You, by Great White
- Young Glass, by Hey Rosetta! - Arms The Hold The Universe, by 33miles
- Hurry Sundown, by Outlaws - Rollin' Through The Sunshine, by Trailer Choir
- Calma, Amor, by Exaltasamba - Ponponpon, by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
- Por Vida, by Lil Rob - Jij, by Rikki Lucas Sjoerd & Edwin
- Take Me Out To The Ball Game, by Art Paul Schlosser - Hurricane, by Killer
- My Love Is Not For Sale, by Dan Bern - Don't Be Punks, by A
- Sara Varga - Spring För Livet, by Melodifestivalen - Brother James's Air, by Mormon Tabernacle Choir
- Composure, by Warpaint - Everytime We Touch, by Chipmunk
- The Number None, by Atmosphere - Rocksteady Beat, by Gabry Ponte
- Sun Valley, by Gucci Mane - Kinda Outta Luck, by Lana Del Rey
- All I Need Is You, by Andreas Carlsson - Horseshoes And B-52's, by OSI
- In Retrospect, by City Of Ashes - Having No-One, by Tommy Reilly
- Afire Love, by Ed Sheeran - He Rules, by 702
- Sunčana Strana Ulice, by Azra - New Thang, by Redfoo
- Eleventh Heaven, by Euphoreon - Before The Morning, by Josh Wilson
- Already Gone, by Dead On Tv - Pulling On Her Hair, by Marques Houston
- Sing A Travelin' Song, by Johnny Cash - Regálame Un Beso, by Fanny Lu
- He Reached Down, by Iris Dement - Tired, by Kelly Price
- My Gentle Young Johnny, by Peggy Lee - Rollin, by Big Sean
- The Anthem, by Jake Hamilton - Silver Rider, by Robert Plant
- King Of Grime, by Skepta - Radiant Hearts, by Black Mountain
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