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Tinashe - 2 On

Song Title : 2 On | Artist/Band : Tinashe
feat. Schoolboy Q

[Verse Annotate1: Tinashe]
Give me all that you got now
Make you want me cause I'm hot now
I'm gone, so faded I'm on one
Bang bang, pop off like the long gun

[Bridge: Tinashe]
If you a lame, nigga you ain't making no noise
Get faded, turn up with the big boys
Live fast, die young that's my choice
Get money, get money like the invoice
Make the money make the whip
Make the money make the grip
I be stuntin' with my clique
Getting faded 'till we trip

[Hook: Tinashe]
Man, I love to get on
I love to get 2 on
When the drink be too strong
When the tree be way too strong
Get faded, turn up, pour it on up
'Till I can't even think no more
Get ratchet, go dumb then go more dumb
Then we can keep it lit, let's roll
I love to get 2 on
L-l-let's roll (×4)

[Verse 2: Tinashe]
Yea we can get active
And all my bitches attractive
We go, you know who we are now
Get high, hotbox in my car now

[Bridge] + [Hook]

[Verse 3: Schoolboy Q]
Uh, pull your panties down from under you

Beat that pussy up, make you wanna holla Q
Drunk than a bitch, high on that Mary Jane
Pussy in my mouth, pussy on my pinky ring
Nasty, make me do it in the backseat
Swear this marijuana keep it cracking
Lights, camera, action, I ain't doing nothing to the cash
Money, money, money, weed, fashion
Draped up and dripped out, keep the trees passing
Girl twerk that thing up, fuck me, fuck rapping
Days of our lives so clap, clap that cake
Spreading your thighs I pump, pump your brakes

[Verse 4: Tinashe]
Just give me the trees and we can smoke it gyal
Just give me the drink and we can pour it gyal

And my enemies, they see me living now
If you rolling with me, then you'll be winning now

[Hook]Tags : lyrics letras mots letra paroles testo गीत 歌词 text στίχοι lirik 歌詞 가사 лирика words palabras canzone canción chanson song
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