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Lounge Lo - All A Nigga Know

Song Title : All A Nigga Know | Artist/Band : Lounge Lo
[Intro: Freddy Red (Lounge Lo)]
Yeah, it's your boy Freddy Red (I see you boy!)
Lounge Mode, what's good nigga? (What's good, my dude)
Four, baby, let's get it (let's go, go!)

[Freddy Red]
Life in the streets'll give you the creeps
I know, niggas that got killed in they sleep
Little kids, missing for weeks, I rep the hood
You ain't able to eat right, if your rep ain't good
I'm from the Hill, and you gotta carry a weapon
Learned from the O.G.'s and carried the lessons
It feels good when I'm in the presence, any nigga cross me
He gon' see the reverend, feed 'em with seven
And now, he can sleep in heaven, me on the other hand
I'm keeping the chef and, grinding hard
Keeping the stretching, posted with my standard weapon
Smith and Wesson, I'm waiting for this cake
And it's lotta snakes that be snitching to the jakes
That's why when I see 'em, I be pulling off they face
It's Lounge Mode and Freddy, we in the club with the four-fifth
Loaded and ready

[Chorus 2X: Freddy Red]
Money, guns, bitches
That's all a nigga know, that's all a nigga know

Twenty four hours, we gotta get that dough
Sometimes it come fast and sometimes it come slow

[Lounge Lo]
I was raised in the city were the grams were high
I'm Brooklyn born and the Stat is where this man gon' die
Fly pelican, pelican fly, and I'mma do it for the hood
And the dead, plus Drey Wit the Y
Man listen up, listen up and when the kid come through
You gotta believe, when he come, he'll be twist as fuck
Nigga stop bitching up, and put ya hands high
I got it good in the hood, you know that tan dry
Lingerer, lingerer, they call me out
I told my dude Freddy Red to bring the hallway out
And we can skip to my lou with Guard U's and gemstars
Generals Gems is back from doing ten hard
Tell Chris that the kid need ten hard
Make it to a hundred grams, then I gotta spend a yard
It's Tai Chi, you see why me?
A new model, know humble Lounge, Chi Ali
And fuck diamonds in the necklace, I'd rather lay on the stoupe
The ports, the 'jects, through shots from the "texas"
I'm next up to be reckless, we test this
Yes my Lord, and watch me Lord my yes-this

[Outro: Lounge Lo]
Uh-huh, aiyo Red, they don't know what time it is, my dude
Holla at ya peoples, man, you already know what we do man
From the Ooh to the Four, man
Ya'll niggas know who got Park Hill on lock, right now, man
This is what it is, B.Z. Mode, with an easy flow
Ya'll know what's up man, shout to the whole Staten Island
Ride with me...Tags : lyrics letras mots letra paroles testo गीत 歌词 text στίχοι lirik 歌詞 가사 лирика words palabras canzone canción chanson song
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