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J-Dawg - First 48

Song Title : First 48 | Artist/Band : J-Dawg

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(Feat. Slim Thug)

Mine Two Nigga Check That .
Four Homoside Detectives .
Tha Clock Starts Ticking , Tha Moment They Are Called .
He Didnt Even See It Cuming Probably .
Thats Him .
See Tha Gun Right There .
What Did He Do To Deserve What He Got .
Their Chance Of Solving A Murder Isz Cut In Half .
(Got It Kevin)
If They Dont Getta Lead ,
(Race To Tha Sun Right Now)
Within' Tha First 48 Hours ,
Gott Thatt Niggaa .

Nigga Whatchu Scared For ?
i Hear Yo Heart Beat .!
Pussys Talkin' All That Shitt ,
They Aint Talkin' No Moe .
Cause Tha Motha' Fuckin' Killa's Outside Yo Front Doe.
&& Its Alright .
Youu Betta Pray Nigga's .!!
Firstt 48 Nigga .!!

Tell Them Nigga's Whatt They Scared For ?!
We Hear Yo' Heart Beat .!
Yo Pussys Talkin' All Thatt Shitt ,
You Aint Talkin' No Moe Cause Tha
Motha' Fuckin' Killa's Outside Yo Front Doe .
&& Its Alrightt .

Youu Betta Pray Nigga's !
Its Tha First 48 Nigga's ;!!

Sumbody Calll Tha Laws .
Homosides Bitches .
Nigga Actin' Hard With It When He Wasz Bumpin'
Tha Nigga Should Of Had A Pistol With Him .
When He Wasz Talkin' Tha Otha Night .
He Shoulda Been Tha Suspect Now His Ass Tha Victum .
Everybody Cryin' Now .
Tarrists All Forgivin'
i Kept Beatin' On Hisz Cheast , Awww He Wasz Alright .Tags : lyrics letras mots letra paroles testo गीत 歌词 text στίχοι lirik 歌詞 가사 лирика words palabras canzone canción chanson song
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Reviews for First 48 by J-Dawg
By JdawgDaughter on 4/2/2011 12:52:00 AM
Rating :
Lol, These Are So WRONG & OFF !
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