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Tyga - Hard In The Paint Freestyle

Song Title : Hard In The Paint Freestyle | Artist/Band : Tyga

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uh i aint never been cheap
i spent it all
never made varsity,but i f-cking ball
fouteen f-ck school i'm a rapper dawg
snapback boi take that fucking fitted off
fall to their knees
pleased for their rite to breath
Lord please devour all my eniemes
that was PAc talkin,
bitch now back up off mey
i'm that yellow gold boss and you looking bossy
walk the water if i cud bitch i think im moses
tell them shut the fuck up, wid all da commotion
counting money get enough
get a promotion
i'm sizzlin up hotter than a bowl of momma porridge
whole body covered in green like dinosaurs
get me neck baby bend all ur spinal codes
uh fofo ass goofy, tryna blend in like a mothaf-cka smothie
take a seat you f-cking up the movie
i'm at the couch standing while you staring at the movement
young money bitch i do this
hand in the mind
both sides one lie two crimes of side on fire

fully days like a dream
i aint moving bitch we grooving
real satisfy do suva fully trippin i cud prove it (uhh)
switch blade where ma booth is
all that sweet talk leave a nigga to-toothless
now u goofy
im a asshole
and ma car doofy
mikey rock chucks like cool kids (bitch)
it so dangerous
haterz envy me cuz they ang-ry
so if you wamt that beef
then the bitch then i'm arranging it
more famous then these no name niggas that you hanging wid
all ma homies on like the cables is
sa sa say go
watch tv tyga psycho
dont play tycho
50 tyson i'll bite you
no license still driver
use to lease now i buy it
ho cash blood diamonds
niggas violent, babies crying
Mr nice guy (Mr nice guy)
come sell the product
im a nice guy
bt i never went to college (hahaha)
cant live long in the imagination
dont compare to no basic
bitch i'm better
stop debating

mothaf-cka....mothaf-ckaTags : lyrics letras mots letra paroles testo गीत 歌词 text στίχοι lirik 歌詞 가사 лирика words palabras canzone canción chanson song
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Reviews for Hard In The Paint Freestyle by Tyga
By Steven Randall on 8/27/2010 9:22:57 AM
Rating :

W-w-well done…hahahahahaha
I aint never been cheap
I spend it all
Never made varsity but I fuckin ball
14 fuck school im a rapper dog
snap back boy take that fuckin fitted off
Fall to dey knees, plea for their right to breath
Lord please devour all my enemies
That was Pac talking, bitch now back up off me
Im that yellow gold boss and you lookin boston
Walk the water if I could, bitch I think im Moses
Tell her shut the fuck up with all that commotion
Im countin money get enough, get a promotion
Im sizzilin up, hotter then a bowl of mama porridge
Poor body covered in green like dinasuarus
Gimme back baby bend all your spinal cordses
Goofy ass groupies tryin to blend in
Like a motha fuckin smoothie
Take a seat, you fuckin up the movie
Im on the couch standing while you starrin at the movement
Young Money bitch I do dis’
Hand in my mind, both sides, one lie, two crimes
Other side don’t fire
Fully dazed like a dream
I aint moving bitch, we grooving
Real said its fa deuce Hoover
Fully trippin I could prove it
Switchblade where my boot is
All that sweet talk leave a nigga toothless
Now you goofy, ima asshole and my car doofus
Mikey rock chucks like the cool kids BITCH!
This so dangerous, hater envy me, cuz they angry
So you want that beef? Then ah bitch well im arrangin it
Mo famous then these no niggas that you hangin with
All my homies on like the cable is
Say Seiko watch, TV, Tyga, Psycho
Don’t play Tyco, Fifty Tyson I’ll bite you
No license still drivin, used to lease it now I buy it
All cash blood diamonds, niggas violent babys cryin
Mister Nice Guy, Nice Guy, come sell the product
Ima nice guy, nice guy, but I never went to college
Haha cant live long in imagination
Don’t compare me to no basic bitch
Im better, stop debatin motha fucka, motha fucka
Motha fucka, motha fucka
W-w-well done hahahahahaha

By jaquan on 9/16/2010 7:25:16 PM
Rating :
W-w-well done hahahahahaha
By shizzy on 10/22/2010 6:22:37 PM
Rating :
Its roofless ass groupies , tryna blend in like a mutha fucking smoothie
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