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Mary J Blige - Sincerity

Song Title : Sincerity | Artist/Band : Mary J Blige
Uh... Uh
Now there's two ways we can do this keep it real or front
I know you got what I need and I got what you want
And the hunt for soulmates is all over for us
We could go away where nobody would know it was us
Leave behind all the fuss the studios the pictures
No autographs just laughs when I'm with ya
I know what it's like when they know you now
But bark it at the dog baby, and I'll hold you down

[Mary J. Blige:]
Time and time and time again
I knew that our love had to end
But now it's gone so very far
That I can make a brand new start
I thought that we were meant to be
Be one big family
But I was weak and loved you still
No matter what you did, I could forgive

All I need is sincerity
All I need is sincerity

[Mary J. Blige:]
Thinking 'bout you all the time
Never seemed to cross my mind
How you could take the time to kill
Everything our love had built
I never knew how you could hide
Everytime you told a lie
But now I know why you're so cold

But I don't understand

Now that you set me free
I truly think that we
Could find love seperately
I need sincerity
One thing, I'm not as weak
I'll always stand alone
But my mind is not made of stone
So I'll go on

All I need is sincerity
All I need is sincerity

Chipped tooth don
Nasty, blue ice timbs on
Screw it face, half moon part, my tatoos dark
On a scale of tough criminals, nothin to call me
I'm a rare individual, young and I'm bossy
Guees it come from a rough life, cuffed at night
Lettin' off hot lead that bust from iron pipes
I'm the type that have to shed blood
Pray to the ghost of dead thugs, dead blocks that spread drugs
Fled from the cops 'till when my first joint dropped
I'm still with my hood, Hollow Point still in the glock
But I've been shitted on by these high class hoes
Even these chickens did me wrong, I was just gettin' on
So I turned cold, givin 'em hard dick and straight to the hole
Like Rod Strickland, it was takin' it's toll
I needed someone I could hold in my darkest hours
A strong couple is a blessing and the heart is the power
Give me someone I could trust, not just a hotty to bone
Does she love Escobar, or love Nasir Jones?
Let me know so I could cop her the stones
What's clear to me, it's sincerity
Somebody I could call my own, yeah

All I need is sincerity
All I need is sincerity

[Ad lib until fade]Tags : lyrics letras mots letra paroles testo गीत 歌词 text στίχοι lirik 歌詞 가사 лирика words palabras canzone canción chanson song
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