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Lil Cuete - So Into You

Song Title : So Into You | Artist/Band : Lil Cuete
Jus Being You Has Got Me Hooked On You

Excuse Me Baby Can We Talk For A Minute
Im Really Feeling Your Style
& Wouldnt Mind Getting With It
Your Really Lookin Beautiful
& I Must Confess
You Got Me So Intimadated
But Im Still So Impressed
Me & You We Can Get Away
Anytime Of Any Day
& I Really Wanna Stay
Anywhere That You Be At
Girl You Got It Front To Back
& I Want It Really Bad
Go & Move It Jus Like That
Girl You Know That Im The Man
But Yu Can Be My Lady
& You Can Call Me Baby
& Let Me Tell Yu Something Else
Girl You Drive Me Crazy
Can I Take You Home
& Maybe Get Your Number
We Can Start Off Close Friends
Then Become Lovers
Dont Worry Bout Them Haters
We'll Let Them Talk There Talk
& Then We'll Pay Them No Mind
& Really Piss Them Off
Cuz They Aint Bout Nothin
My Focus All On You
& Now I Got You
I Dont Need No One Else But You

[Chorus:] 2x
Jus Being You Has Got Me Hooked On You
I Say Your Pretty But Thats Nothin New
& I Jus Really Wanna Get Wit You
& I Cant Lie Girl
Im So Into You

So Beautiful & Your All Mine
I Never Let You Go You Are To Hard To Find
Besides Being Fine
Your Like One Of A Kind
I Never Hesitate To Give You All Of My Time
I've Seen Many Women
But None Like You
I Wanna Go Somewhere
& Be Alone With You
I Love Your Style & Your Smile
Plus Im Diggin Your Move
Thats How I Know I Can Spend My Whole Life With You
It Jus Feels Right With You
I Love Being Tight With You
I Wanna Hold You Real Close
& Spend The Night With You
Thats All I Need Is You
& I Promise You This
I Can Make Your Heart Skip
Girl With Jus One Kiss
Im Addicted To Your Love
& I Need You Around
I Love How You Back Me Up
& How You Hold It Down
& Its True
I Cant Be Without You
But Dont Change Nothin
I Love Everything About You

[Chorus:] 2x
Jus Being You Has Got Me Hooked On You
I Say Your Pretty But Thats Nothin New
& I Jus Really Wanna Get Wit You
& I Cant Lie Girl
Im So Into You

You Know How I Like It
I Know It Turns You On
Damn You Make Me Feel Good
So Bomb You Got It All
& Mija Your The Prettiest Girl I've Ever Known
The Perfect Place For Me
Is Me & You Somewhere Alone
Im Known To Hold My Own
You Got Me High Like If Im Stoned
Your The Only One That I Want Around When Im Down & Feeling Low
So Believe Me When I Say
You Have My Heart From The Start
I Knew From The First Night That We Couldnt Be Apart
Me & You Together We Gotta Make It Last
You Plus Me Equals The Perfect Match
Love Can Go So Fast
But There'll Never Be A Day Or Time
Will I Turn My Back & Walk Away
See I Need You In My Life
& Without You I Aint Right
Your Outta Sight
& The Bomb Like Dynomite
I Wanna Hold You Real Tight
& Keep You For Myself
As Long As I Got You
Then I Dont Need Nobody Else

[Chorus:] 3x
Jus Being You Has Got Me Hooked On You
I Say Your Pretty But Thats Nothin New
& I Jus Really Wanna Get Wit You
& I Cant Lie Girl
Im So Into You
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